Top Things to See and Do in the Caribbean

Top Things to See and Do in the Caribbean

Apr 30, 2017

Visit Antigua

365 pink and white beaches can be found in Antigua, one of the largest Caribbean islands. If you’re into sailing, sign up to be a deckhand or just observe Sailing Week, the world renowned regatta.

Splash around Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica – This is the most popular visitor attraction in Jamaica. At 660 ft, it consists of an impressive waterfall and collection of plunge pools which lead directly into the ocean. You can add bouldering to your tour for a more energetic way to get back to the beach. Entry is $20 USD.

Visit Havana, Cuba

Often eliciting images of revolutionary heroes and a turbulent history, Havana is the largest city in the Caribbean. However, in recent times, the city has emerged as a tourist hotspot, rich in history, architecture, and culture. Try to visit the country in July when Santiago (the second-largest city) celebrates its annual Carnival de Santiago de Cuba. From July 24-26, the streets fill with music and dancing, a real sight to behold.

Go snorkeling or diving

Divers and even snorkelers can visit shipwrecks and coral reefs in the waters surrounding most islands. In general, diving trips can be expensive, averaging around $150 USD per person, but if you bring your own snorkeling gear you can enjoy the underwater sights for free.

See Trunk Bay, St. John – Frequently voted one of the best beaches in the world, Trunk Bay is picture perfect with white sands and clear water. It does cost a few dollars to get onto the beach, but the coral and marine life you’ll see while snorkeling will make it all worthwhile. A day pass is $5 USD.

Tour the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, Barbados

Barbados is famous for its rum, and Mount Gay is one of the oldest and most respected distilleries in the world. This tour takes you through the history and process of distillation. For $10 USD, take the tour – it’s worth it just for the huge discounts on Mount Gay that you receive at the end.

The Turtle Farm

This is the most popular attraction in the Cayman Island and is the only farm of its kind in the world as it specializes in controlled breeding. There are plenty of adult turtles weighing in at hundreds of pounds and others that are smaller than a few inches. No matter their size, all seem ready for a photo op. It’s open daily from 8am-4pm and prices start at $18 USD.

Go zip-lining in St. Lucia

Looking for an adventurous break from sun-tanning? Try zip-lining through the rain forest canopy in St. Lucia. Expect to pay around $75 USD for the use of twelve different zip-lines.

Learn about Reggae’s roots, Jamaica – Jamaica is home to the reggae music and culture. While Bob Marley’s legacy reverberates throughout the island, you can get the most out of your reggae immersion by visiting the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, Marley’s hometown. Admission to the museum is $25 USD and the museum is open daily (except Sundays) from 9:30am-4pm.

Lose yourself in the clouds, Jamaica

Holywell National Park lies in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Walk along the mountain’s edge, and find yourself in a sea of clouds, with birds and monkeys screeching around you. A short drive from Kingston, this tropical park can easily be visited in an afternoon. Park entrance is $10 USD and the park is open daily from 8am-6pm.

Visit the world’s “wickedest” city, Jamaica

 Port Royal, at the mouth of Kingston harbor (Jamaica), once held a reputation as the “wickedest city on earth.” In the 17th century, it was a haven for buccaneers and consisted mainly of bars and brothels. At the end of the century, much of the city sunk as the result of a huge earthquake. Underwater archaeological excavations are underway, but you can still visit some of the ruins and tour a small information center during your visit.

Kayak around the islands

One of the best ways to explore these islands by water, but if you can’t afford your own powerboat, a half-day kayaking tour is a great alternative. Prices will vary by island, but for example, you can expect to pay around $100 USD for a six-hour guided tour in Aruba.

Pretend you’re a pirate, Bahamas

 If you’re looking for more pirate culture, check out the Pirates of Nassau Museum in the Bahamas, which consists of informative historical exhibits and a replica pirate ship. Admission is $12 USD and it’s open daily 9am-6pm with abbreviated hours on Saturday.

Hike Gros Piton in St. Lucia

 These twin volcanic peaks that rise out of the water are a marvel to behold, but even more of an experience to climb. Gros Piton is open to experienced hikers. Beware, at 2,619-feet, it’s a steep, challenging, but rewarding climb.

Sail around the Virgin Islands

Sailing around the islands is one of the most popular and fun activities you can do. You can get day sails or multi-day trips. I sailed around for a month and had a phenomenal time. (And there’s an art to it, but you can even sail for free.)

Visit the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Bermuda – If you’re looking for history, great architecture, or spectacular views then you should stop by the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. The church was built in an English style in the 19th century.

Press your luck at Salomon’s Beach, St. John

Once a secluded nude beach, authorities have been cracking down in recent years on anyone caught not wearing clothing. Nevertheless, many people push their luck and hit the sand in nothing but their birthday suit. Are you bold enough to risk the $100 fine?

Swim with the pigs, Bahamas – You’ve probably seen photos of these swimming pigs. Located in Exuma (in the Bahamas), these pigs draw tourists from all around the world. While cute, they are still wild and have been known to bite so be careful when you take your selfies!

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